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Titan Elite Lithium Golf Buggy inc 18-27 Hole Battery
Titan Elite Lithium Golf Buggy inc 18-27 Hole Battery - view 1Titan Elite Lithium Golf Buggy inc 18-27 Hole Battery - view 2Titan Elite Lithium Golf Buggy inc 18-27 Hole Battery - view 3Titan Elite Lithium Golf Buggy inc 18-27 Hole Battery - view 4Titan Elite Lithium Golf Buggy inc 18-27 Hole Battery - view 5Titan Elite Lithium Golf Buggy inc 18-27 Hole Battery - view 6
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Titan Elite Lithium Golf Buggy inc 18-27 Hole Battery

In stock
  • Single Light weight Lithium Battery
  • Incredible power
  • Provides the comfiest rides in all conditions
  • Delivery Method: Pallet Network
All prices exclude VAT conditions apply

Single lithium battery weighs only 7.5kg


The Powerhouse Titan Elite is the flagship golf buggy in the Titan Series engineered to deliver unrivalled power, performance and comfort of any single seated golf buggy. The Titan Elite uses the basic framework of the Powerhouse Titan but comes fully loaded with additional upgrades that make this a truly fantastic performing buggy with no limitations. The buggy comes with lithium power, meaning the Titan Elite requires just one 18-27 hole lithium battery creating a significant weight and space saving from typical lead acid batteries. The highly powerful lithium battery is further enhanced by the introduction of our new controller that increases the power output of the motor by a massive 39%! With this engineering you therefore have an extremely powerful buggy more than capable of tackling the heaviest longest golf courses.

The Titan Elite delivers exceptionally on performance however is equally as good on comfort. The 'twisting' chassis ensures for a controlled drive whilst the large fairway friendly tyres deliver exceptional grip. Fitted with a luxury comfort seat, full set of mudguards, front basket, bag stand down to the umbrella holder and even the "Sun Mountain" umbrella, the Titan Elite provides one the comfiest rides in all types of conditions. The popular double handle bull bar, automatic breaks and hand controls generate an effortless drive really making the Titan Elite the Rolls Royce of the single seat golf buggy market.

- 18-Hole Lithium battery delivers exceptional power
- New Controller for 39% extra motor output
- Fully automatic brakes
- Double Handle Bull Bar Steering
- Hand Speed Controls
- 'Twisting' Chassis
- Fully dismantles
- Steel gears for extended durability
- Fully adjustable driving position
- Comfort Suite
- Intelligent Charger

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As a golf buggy owner, specialist insurance is an important consideration. Many golf clubs will insist you have personal liability cover in force whilst using your golf buggy on the course whilst playing or practising golf.

Golfplan International Golf Insurance is available for this buggy. Click here for more information.


It weighs in at 7.5kg and measures (W)160mm x (L)250mm x (H)200mm (6.25" x 10" x 8"), As there is only one lithium battery required the weight saving when compared to two 80ah lead acid batteries is a massive 45kg or around 9 stone.

The Lithium Battery is supplied fully protected by a sophisticated specially designed battery management system that constantly monitors every cell to ensure the lithium battery is always optimised for best performance and life. Charging is also quicker, a flat battery will charge in around 8hrs and the lithium battery comes supplied with its own lithium charger.

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Battery Spec

Type: Lithium
Weight: 7.5kg
Size: (W)160mm x (L)250mm x (H)200mm (6.25" x 10" x 8")
Life Expectancy*: In access of 1000 Cycles, unconditional.
Duration: 18+ hole capacity depending on terrain and conditions.
Features: Ultra Light High performance. Complete with Lithium Charger
Warranty: This battery comes 2 years manufacturers guarantee (limited warranty).
Usage: Can be used anyway around as it is non spilable. Must be stored in charged condition

*Note: Life expectancy will be effected by Frequency of use, type of charger, payload and terrain.

VAT Exemption

VAT is Exemption is available on this buggy. This means that if due to health reasons you would benefit from the use of a Golf Buggy, you would not have to pay the cost of the VAT on the product. In order to qualify for exemption, the buggy must be for your own private use and you must be able to supply ONE of the following:

1. Supply a copy of your blue "Mobility Badge".
2. Supply a letter from your GP explaining that for medical reasons, you would find it difficult to play golf without a Golf Buggy and complete a very simply declaration form.

It is not always necessary to provide this information at the point of purchase, but if it is your intention to be exempt from VAT, you must supply it within 3 months of purchase. On this basis, the VAT will not be charged but may be charged at a later date if you are then unable to provide the correct documents.

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We offer full delivery options, see link information below.

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Please select the appropriate delivery option at checkout depending on your location.


The Guarantee is for a period of 12 months. It becomes effective on the first day of purchase and is available to the first purchaser or user. All manufactures limitations must be adhered to at all times Items covered under this guarantee are as follows:

If telephone advice fails, Damaged component or complete buggy must be returned to base (Ideas Solutions Ltd), so that an examination can take place. All returns must be accompanied by a "Returns Note", (downloadable from our site). Components must be returned to base prior to a replacement being sent. This is a return to base guarantee. If any parts should become defective during normal use, will at the Company's Sole discretion be repaired or replaced free of charge. Transportation charges on parts submitted for repair or replacement must be bourn by the purchaser. The end user will be responsible to remove defective part, and refit replacement part.

a. The guarantee does not cover defects arising from wear and tear, accidental damage, misuse or neglect, tampering by unqualified persons. Also abnormal wear and tear caused by hire or commercial usage are excluded from this guarantee.
b. All liability in respect of any third party and consequential loss or damage, however arising, is expressly excluded.
c. This guarantee will be invalid if any alteration, modification or substitution of any parts other than specified is made or if the equipment is connected to an electric supply other than which it is rated or adjusted.
d. No responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage to equipment during transit to or return from the Company's service department
e. This Guarantee is not transferable and applies only in the United Kingdom.
f. We reserve the right to ask for Proof of failure by means of report from authorized dealer if batteries are not returned for inspection.


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Powerhouse Golf, offer a full after care and repair service. We hold stock of every part for all of our buggies and offer an unrivalled in-store repair service. We also stock and sell spare parts online should you be confident in changing any buggy parts yourself.

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Golf Buggy Accessories

At Powerhouse Golf we offer a wide variety of accessories suitable for the Titan Elite Golf Buggy.

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Trailers And Ramps

We also offer a variety of trailers and ramps designed for the purpose of transporting your buggy with ease.

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User Manual Instructions

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Customer Reviews

10/10  Titan S Elite buggy  I purchased the above buggy on the 4-5-23, after months of research, I would just like it recorded all the staff at Powerhouse could not have been more helpful but a special mention to David Hutton, he took as long as I needed and he has to be commended for his patience with me.thanks ever so much.  (13/05/2023) Adrian Ennett - Peterborough

10/10    Purchased an Elite last July to help me around my local golf course. So delighted with its efficiency I have now purchased another to leave over at my holiday home in Republic of Ireland. Thankyou to all at Powerhouse Golf in Middleton Manchester for their help when purchasing both  (13/04/2023) Margaret Sandbrook-Evans - South Cheshire

10/10  Wish I bought one sooner  Purchased a few months ago now, great performance on my hilly course! Has helped my Golf and health. Overall great customer service and delivery time  (05/01/2022) Mr Hewitt - Yorkshire

10/10  Really good   I've had my buggy now for over two years and have no problems I play on a very up and down links course in Cornwall and often play 36 holes cannot recommend enough would definitely have another one  (14/06/2021) Ian Harris - Cornwall

10/10  Powerhouse Elite buggy  First found company after a few google searches. I visited & ordered from well equipped showroom in Middleton dealing with David. Delivery took just over 8 weeks mainly due to recent Covid restrictions, arrived early October. First used this weekend & totally impressed, excellent purchase.  (18/10/2020) Steve Reynolds - Wigan

10/10  Titan Elite   Have just taken delivery of this piece of equipment and assembling the whole buggy was simple. Everything slotted together where it should with no effort. 15th November will be the first outing it will have and I have no worries about it doing what it is designed to do. Review after the round.   (14/11/2017) Hugh - Royal Dornoch

10/10  Titan elite golf buggy  The buggy is what it says on the tin, brilliant. I am 17 stone and play on a Linx course witch is very hilly and undulating and it copes with no problem at all, money well spent. The staff at Powerhouse were very helpful. Thank you for a great product.   (05/09/2017) Brian Richards - Cornwall

10/10  Powerhouse Elite  I am very pleased with my new buggy. It is sturdy n copes well with the contours of the course. It is user friendly as it is quiet so I can chat with my golfing partners. I feel safer than on 2 seater golf car. Staff were very helpful. Thank you David.   (21/08/2017) Patricia Hughes - Dungannon

10/10  One of the best things I have bought!  A superb golf buggy. Has everything I needed for my very hard course I play. Excellent power up the steep hill and plenty left to go on if I wanted to play more. Very pleased and would highly recommend.   (12/03/2017) Brian Moore - Lake District

10/10  Really superb  Last night I received a call from my 84 y/o father-in-law, saying that he was extremely pleased going round with his golf buddies in Spey Bay. A great success. He managed to play 10 holes and not being tired at all. He found the controls very easy to use. His buddies were envious of him with his buggy. Thank you again so much for extending his golfing time.   (15/02/2017) Eric Kipperman - Spey Bay