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Business to Business

Trade Enquiries

Interested in becoming a Trade customer or Reseller

Read on, its easier than you may think...

Dear Potential trade customer

We are pleased to see that you are interested in our products and are considering the possibility of becoming a reseller. Whether that means actively stocking our products or simply including reference to them through your shop or web site, we have a number of options. The Powerhouse Golf Brand is very well recognised within the Golfing market, it is widely advertised through many local and national magazines, and our presence when being searched on search engines such as "Google" appears within position 1of the natural listings.

We have worked very hard to develop our business and particularly the Powerhouse Golf brand, and would like to continue to do so. Our trade and reseller options provide a fantastic opportunity to become part of that.

To set things in motion on how to join our rapidly growing business, please simply Click here.
On the next page, add "Trade Enquiry" to the basket, and continue through checkout in the normal manor.

After we receive your enquiry, we will set your account status to trade and contact you to discuss your ideas. This will then allow all future purchases to be made from our web site with trade discount.

In addition to this, we can offer access to our product image bank (without the "Powerhouse Golf" logo) downloads and data sheets etc, so that you can download and use on your own web site and print.

All point of sale material, dealer packs are available, assisting you to engage your customer providing you with the most up-to-date information available.

We thank you for your time in reading this short intro and await your contact.

Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping might be the answer

As the retail business continues to change in recent times, and how a shopper might make a purchase, simply stocking a product on your shelf may not be the best option.
There seems little point in paying for products to be delivered in to your store only to pay to have them re-delivered to your customer, to this end we can offer a drop-shipping service.

Simply put, you would list the item on your website or have a physical product in store.
When a customer makes a purchase, you make the purchase from us, from that point on we handle everything.

This eliminates stock holding and duplicating delivery costs.
Your purchase is made on our website at your trade price and payment is made via a Credit/Debit card. (Other credit options are available). All after sales, including questions warranties etc, are all dealt with by Powerhouse Golf. If you prefer to deal with after sales issues the option is yours.

A slick and easy way to speed up the supply of a product and maximise your profit.
If this is for you and you want to try this service out, just contact us and we can get things moving.

All text and pictures are available from our dropbox. All you need to do is list or stock the item.
We thank you for your time in reading this short intro and await your contact.

Dealer Pack

Dealer Pack including:

1 x 8’ x 4’ Pull up For Electric
Buggys or Electric Trolleys.
••3 x Powerhouse promo Caps
•1 x A5 Perspex Display stands.
•10 x A4 Promo leaflets.
•1 x A4 Snap frame with re seller certificate.
•Link to product shots in Jpeg/Tiff inc, text to cut and past for web site.
•Trade Discount on future orders.

changes to the "Dealer Pack" may be changed or omitted without prior notice.
To order please contact us directly on 0161 654 6981.