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Vision-Electric Golf Trolley
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Vision-Electric Golf Trolley

In stock
  • 100% British made
  • "New Style" LCD Display for clear daylight use
  • Quick to change the colourways. 5 colours available
  • Delivery Method: Parcel Force
Battery Choice
Battery Choice: Without battery
Battery Choice: 18+ Hole Lithium Battery MISC036
Battery Choice: 36+ Hole Lithium Battery MISC037

Simply a superb trolley! Updated Screen


The all new Golfstream Vision has been developed to provide the very best user experience available in an electric golf trolley today. We looked at all of the frustrations reported to us about other trolleys and have solved them with Vision. Golfers told us that they were fed up with screens that couldn’t be seen clearly in full sun, to tyres that wore out in next to no time. They told us that putting a trolley together was becoming more and more complicated and that their bag twists and wobbles.

So we put on a screen that can be seen in even the brightest of sunshine and the easiest up/down in the world today. We added proper PU rubber tyres and arranged to hold the bag with two side arms rather than perching on the central spine. Add to this the colour swaps and the exceptional price point and we think you will agree that this is a package you just can’t ignore.

Please note:
Comes with orange colour pack as standard.
If trolley is purchased without a battery, you may need to purchase a Torberry to T-bar lead to use your existing battery. This is included with a new Lithium battery.

- Folds flatter than all main competitors’ trolleys.
- Revolutionary Caddy White screen can be seen easily even in full sun.
- One touch super simple fold/unfold.
- Holds the bag beautifully without “perching” on the central beam to avoid bag wobble.
- Non clogging front wheel housing.
- Full livery colour swaps available.
- Super slick high grip tyres.
- Longer lasting tyres (5 times longer life than normal EVA).
- Easy off main wheels.
- Distance control function.
- Speed increments in 0.5 to get the perfect speed to match your pace.
- Fully programmable left handed operation.
- Personalisation of the main screen to allow names.
- Simplicity mode for those who don’t want the fancy extras.
-Super quiet powerful drive train for an uninterrupted round.
- Sleek power platform to take all popular batteries.
- Supplied with Powerhouse Golf LiFePO4 lithium battery if selected.
- Magnetic hold together latch for quick and simple hold.
- Designed in the UK for simple reliable operation.
- Two year parts and labour guarantee, 3 years on lithium batteries.
Available without battery and charger if desired.
Folded dimensions approx. 595mm W x 285 H x 865mm L and weighs 9kg without a battery.

Select any type of battery including our Lithium batteries. Remember you can even purchase the trolley without battery.
Select options under for your personal choice of battery.

Click here for more information regarding our batteries


The Vision Lithium Golf Trolley includes:

- Vision Golf Trolley
- Lithium Battery of choice
- Battery bag
- 12v Battery charger
- Straps
- Tools
- Instructions


The Guarantee is for a period of 24 months. It becomes effective on the first day of purchase, and is available to the first purchaser or user. All manufactures limitations must be adhered to at all times.

Battery is covered as follows:

The 5-year warranty breaks down as follows:
1st Year warranty on charger
1st 2 years - Full Warranty on Battery.
3rd Year - Customer pays 50% of Purchase Price (Battery only).
4th Year - Customer pays 70% of Purchase Price (Battery only).
5th Year - Customer pays 85% of Purchase Price (Battery only).

If telephone advice fails, Damaged component or complete trolley must be returned to base (Ideas Solutions (Retail) Ltd), so that an examination can take place. All returns must be accompanied by a "Returns Note". Components must be returned to base prior to a replacement being sent.

Standard cover is a return to base guarantee. If any parts should become defective during normal use, will at the Company's Sole discretion be repaired or replaced free of charge. Transportation charges on parts submitted for repair or replacement must be borne by the purchaser. The end user will be responsible to remove defective part, and refit replacement part. Minimum transportation costs £2.50.

a. The guarantee does not cover defects arising from wear and tear, accidental damage, misuse or neglect, tampering by unqualified persons. Also abnormal wear and tear caused by hire or commercial usage are excluded from this guarantee.
b. All liability in respect of any third party and consequential loss or damage, however arising, is expressly excluded.
c. This guarantee will be invalid if any alteration, modification or substitution of any parts other than specified is made or if the equipment is connected to an electric supply other than which it is rated or adjusted.
d. No responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage to equipment during transit to or return from the Company's service department
e. This Guarantee is not transferable and applies only in the United Kingdom.
f. We reserve the right to ask for Proof of failure by means of report from authorized dealer if batteries are not returned for inspection.


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Additional Battery Transport Warranty

Only available when purchasing the Freedom T2-S with a Lithium battery

It is our intention to supply a product that provides and gives faultless service during its lifetime. However, from time to time things can go wrong. Your battery is shipped as standard with a full comprehensive warranty as explained in the "warranties" section of our website. *However, should your battery develop a fault and needs to be returned to us, it can only be shipped using a carrier company certified to do so, and not Royal Mail. The current price of this service to send and return is £12.99. The "Additional Transport Warranty" covers this return/redelivery for 2 years. We do not expect the battery to fail, but in the event of it doing so, everything is covered. Just notify us and we will do the rest.

If you dont want to take the transport warranty, just simply untick the box just below the price on the product page, and continue to checkout.

Note* This option covers UK mailnland only.


Customer Reviews

10/10  Great value. Sturdy and quiet. Golf bag very secur    (15/04/2022) -