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Uno Golf Buggy

In stock
  • All round suspension
  • Rack and pinion steering
  • All round protection
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This buggy is no longer availalable and is for reference only


Having a single seater golf buggy should not mean compromise or giving up on all the comfort and luxury offered by the double seater models.

The new spec Powerhouse Uno is very much based on the design and build of it’s sister buggy, the Duo.

Under the covers of the Uno, the comparison is very easy to spot. Rack and pinion steering, Full digital speed controller, unit drum brakes and foot operated controls. Once on board you will soon appreciate how the Uno Buggy feels and drives just like the larger models.

Foot operated controls and the positive steering makes your experience a pleasurable one. This buggy is designed for the single user in mind, but without giving anything up on standards or expectations.

The Uno buggy is supplied in Ivory White, sporting the powerhouse logos.

To compliment the Uno, an array of accessories are available as follows; Side weather enclosure, cup holders and trailer.

We believe your golf trolley or buggy is only as good as as the batteries that power it. That is why we have specifically designed Lithium battery purely for this model. This means the battery you have fitted to your buggy will perform time and time again.

Its all here. So Indulge yourself, with a buggy that packs all the home comforts you would normally expect from one normally reserved for the hire market.

- 10 stage battery indicator
- Roof canopy
- Windscreen. Solid or split (see upgrades)
- Single cream leather look bench seat with arm rests
- Fast click single bag holder on the rear
- Rack and pinion steering assembly, providing pin point maneuvering
- 36v system
- Fully proportional foot accelerator, both forward and reverse
- Rear leaf and front wishbone suspension
- Huge 1.2kw motor with transaxle gearbox
- Advanced, fully programmable, digital speed control unit
- 36v system with 1 x 50Ah Lithium Battery
- 36v charger
- Separate Foot brake

Note* Weather Enclosure not included.

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As a golf buggy owner, specialist insurance is an important consideration. Many golf clubs will insist you have personal liability cover in force whilst using your golf buggy on the course whilst playing or practising golf.

Golfplan International Golf Insurance is available for this buggy. Click here for more information.


The Powerhouse Uno Golf Buggy now comes with a single 50Ah Lithium Battery.

Model Powerhouse
Capacity 36v 50aAh capacity
Type Lithium
Weight 13kg
Size (W) 180mm x (L) 350mm x (H) 200mm
Application Suitable for use with the Powerhouse Uno Golf Buggy
Life Expectancy* 1500-2000 Cycles depending on terrain and charger type
Duration 36+ hole capacity depending on terrain and user weight
Warranty This battery comes with 2 year warranty.
Usage Can be used anyway around as it is non spillable. Must be stored in charged condition

*Note: Life expectancy will be effected by Frequency of use, type of charger, payload and terrain.

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We offer full delivery options, see link information below.

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The Guarantee is for a period of 12 months. It becomes effective on the first day of purchase and is available to the first purchaser or user. All manufactures limitations must be adhered to at all times Items covered under this guarantee are as follows:

If telephone advice fails, Damaged component or complete buggy must be returned to base (Ideas Solutions Ltd), so that an examination can take place. All returns must be accompanied by a "Returns Note", (downloadable from our site). Components must be returned to base prior to a replacement being sent. This is a return to base guarantee. If any parts should become defective during normal use, will at the Company's Sole discretion be repaired or replaced free of charge. Transportation charges on parts submitted for repair or replacement must be bourn by the purchaser. The end user will be responsible to remove defective part, and refit replacement part.

a. The guarantee does not cover defects arising from wear and tear, accidental damage, misuse or neglect, tampering by unqualified persons. Also abnormal wear and tear caused by hire or commercial usage are excluded from this guarantee.
b. All liability in respect of any third party and consequential loss or damage, however arising, is expressly excluded.
c. This guarantee will be invalid if any alteration, modification or substitution of any parts other than specified is made or if the equipment is connected to an electric supply other than which it is rated or adjusted.
d. No responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage to equipment during transit to or return from the Company's service department
e. This Guarantee is not transferable and applies only in the United Kingdom.
f. We reserve the right to ask for Proof of failure by means of report from authorized dealer if batteries are not returned for inspection.


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Powerhouse Golf, offer a full after care and repair service. We hold stock of every part for all of our buggies and offer an unrivalled in-store repair service. We also stock and sell spare parts online should you be confident in changing any buggy parts yourself.

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Golf Buggy Accessories

At Powerhouse Golf we offer a wide variety of accessories suitable for the Uno Golf Buggy.

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Trailers And Ramps

We also offer a variety of trailers and ramps designed for the purpose of transporting your buggy with ease.

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User Manual Instructions

If for any reason you require replacement instructions for your buggy click here.


Customer Reviews

10/10    purchased a Uno golf buggy for my wife she is delighted with this vehicle ,handles well and is quite nippy.   (07/11/2018) ray - leicester

10/10    just purchased the uno golf buggy and can say it is an excellent vehicle, you have to take a lttle more care on steep inclines but perfectly safe as long as you take care, the guys at powerhouse were excellent from start to finish and would advise anyone to use this company.   (13/11/2016) robert o'neill - glasgow

10/10  Fabulous  A few wneel nuts cam loose early on but it is a fantastic machine. I use a trailer to get it around the courses   (22/01/2016) Margaret - oswestry