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18-27 Hole Battery - 12v 16Ah Ion Lithium inc. charger
18-27 Hole Battery - 12v 16Ah Ion Lithium inc. charger - view 118-27 Hole Battery - 12v 16Ah Ion Lithium inc. charger - view 218-27 Hole Battery - 12v 16Ah Ion Lithium inc. charger - view 3
Click to view a video about the 18-27 Hole Battery - 12v 16Ah Ion Lithium inc. charger
Click to view a video about the 18-27 Hole Battery - 12v 16Ah Ion Lithium inc. charger

18-27 Hole Battery - 12v 16Ah Ion Lithium inc. charger

Code: MISC073

  • Long life expectancy
  • Super light weight 2.2kg
  • Charges in under 5 hrs
Light weight with Super high performance

About the battery

Take the strain out of your game with a Powerhouse Golf Lithium Battery. Lithium Batteries last five times longer than traditional Lead Acid and is as safe. You can now enjoy a lightweight battery that will simply drop in as a direct replacement for your traditional lead acid battery on any* golf trolley. It weighs in at 2.2kg and measures just 170mm x 130mm x 80mm, that's less than 1/4 of the weight and 1/3 the size of a traditional lead acid battery and includes a 5-year limited warranty**.

In summary The Powerhouse Golf Lithium Battery has a greater life expectancy, weighs a fraction of the weight and charges in a quarter of the time when compared to Lead Acid. It is supplied fully protected by a sophisticated specially designed lithium battery management system that constantly monitors every cell to ensure the battery is always optimised for best performance and life. Comes with Powerhouse Torberry to T-Bar connections.
Also supplied with its own lithium auto charger that fully charges the lithium battery in around 3/4 hrs from flat.

Also available with USB see our other listing.

About the Charger
The Powerhouse Golf Lithium Battery supplied is fully automatic and displays the current power in the battery during charging, by means of an illuminated bars. Eg 25% 50% 75% 100%. Fully auto so charge and leave.
Also supplied with its own lithium charger that fully charges the lithium battery in around 3/4 hrs from flat.

Capacity: 12v 16ah capacity
Type: Lithium Ion Battery
Weight: 2.2kg
Size: 170mm x 130mm x 80mm
Applications: Suitable for use with Many differnent 12 volt Golf trolleys Not Motocaddy S1 and Powerhouse Freedom T2 Range.
Life expectancy*: 1000-1500 Cycles depending on terrain and charger type.
Duration: 18-27 hole capacity depending on terrain and conditions.
Features: Ultra Light High performance. Complete with 4A Lithium Charger
Warranty: This battery comes with a 5-year limited warranty**
Usage: Can be used anyway around as it is non spillable. Must be stored in charged condition

Note* Life expectancy will be effected by Frequency of use, payload and terrain.
**Terms and Conditions apply; please see the warranties page for further information.

{Battery Advice}
All our batteries are specially designed for Golf Buggies and Golf Trolleys. Please see our Battery FAQ's Page or our Charger FAQ's Page for more information on how to get the most from your Golf Trolley and Golf Buggy batteries.
*This Battery will work with many trolleys that use the black and red plug ( Torberry) and also the "T" Bar fitting.
below are a few examples, If you do not see your model just email and we can tell you if the battery is compatable or not.

Advantage. Auriol. Caddya. Caddymatic. Club Runner. Compact Caddy.
Duratrolley. Eagle. Easycaddy. e-Caddy. Electracaddy. Electric Blue.
Electronic. Energy. Europro. Field & Scott. Foissy. Fraser. GoCaddy. Golf Glider. Go Kart.
Golfstream. Greenhill. G-TECH. Hill Billy. Hillman. Kaddie Boy. Kaddilite.
Kaddy Max. Kaddyboy. Kangaroo. Kiffe. Komperdell. Lawia. Caddy
Lectronic. Masters. Max Golf. MGI. Mocad. Motocaddy S2, S3. Pegasus. Powakaddy.( Not RoboKaddy 22Ah model required)
Power Bug. Power Drive. PowerPro. Golf Precision. Pro Trolley. ProCaddy. Powerhouse. Pulsar. Relaxt. Schnieder. Slazenger. S-Line. Stewart Golf. Stomatic. Strolla.
Supertroll. Talisman. TopCart .Trolem. Trooper. Ultracaddy. Utech. Walmex.
Not suitable for Motocaddy S1 or M1 See product MISC036

16Ah Lithium batteries have an addition limited 5-year warranty on the battery.

The 5-year warranty breaks down as follows:
1st Year warranty on charger
1st 2 years - Full Warranty on Battery.
3rd Year - Customer pays 50% of Purchase Price (Battery only).
4th Year - Customer pays 70% of Purchase Price (Battery only).
5th Year - Customer pays 85% of Purchase Price (Battery only).
{Additional Transport Warranty}

It is our intention to supply a product that provides and gives faultless service during its lifetime. However, from time to time things can go wrong. You battery is shipped as standard with a full comprehensive warranty as explained on "Warranty tab". *However, should your battery develop a fault and needs to be returned to us, it can only be shipped using a carrier company certified to do so, and not Royal Mail. The current price of this service to send and return is £12.99. The "Additional Transport Warranty" covers this return/redelivery for 2 years. We do not expect the battery to fail, but in the event of it doing so, everything is covered. Just notify us and we will do the rest.

If you dont want to take the transport warranty, just simply untick the box just below the price on the product page, and continue to checkout.

Note* This option covers UK mailnland only.

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