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Ellwee Easy Golf Lithium Golf buggy
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Ellwee Easy Golf Lithium Golf buggy

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  • Built in Sweden
  • Achieve near 30% faster rounds
  • A superb machine
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Powered by a 48v 60Ah Lithium battery


Powerhouse Golf are the exclusive UK distributor for the ELLWEE Golf buggy


I think the big problem with golf has been time, and now we're back hopefully to where we can really speed up and play a lot more golf in a lot shorter time. - Helen Alfredsson, PGA Professional

The ELLWEE Easy offers a new take on the famous ELLWEE X electric cart, built for freedom of mobility.
It has the same functionality as the ELLWEE X, but it has an altered, inclusive body design meant to improve comfort, stability and handling. This comes at the cost of a slightly slower maximum speed of 11 mph.
Looking at the cart itself, you’ll notice that the front-center portion is carved out. Combined with a seat that is slightly more forward than on the ELLWEE X, you have an electric golf cart that is much easier to get on and off, hence the “Easy” in the name.

As just mentioned, the ELLWEE Easy has all the functionality of the ELLWEE X,
First, tests with the ELLWEE have shown that rounds take roughly 25% less time than when using ordinary two-seater golf carts. With all the talk about slow play these days, this is more important than ever.

The ELLWEE’s tires run at just 3.2 PSI, which is almost half of the typical golf cart PSI of 5.7. This drastically limits damage to turf.
The cart uses an electrified power-train control system developed by Cabeco, a world-renowned automotive manufacturer. The design allows for the addition of functions like gyro control, GPS, lane assist, and auto-breaking.

The buggy weighs 348lbs with the battery, has a range of 65km, and has a powder-coated steel frame.
Ellwee is the first green, affordable, multi-purpose vehicle, that seriously challenges traditional transportation and thinking.
The ELLWEE is extremely efficient and was made for adventure and aims to be the leader in the electric 4-wheeler class. Available in different colors, accessories and configurations, the stylish and capable ELLWEE is customizable to fit your needs

Dry weight (with battery) - 160kg (350lb)
Total weight (Dry weight + Max load) 320kg (705lb)
Max load front multi holder 30kg (66lb)
Max load rear multi holder 30kg (66lb)
Lithium Battery 48V 63Ah or 48V 100Ah
Recharge 15A/h
Factory speed setting 20 km/h (12mph)
Optional maximum speed 25 km/h (15mph)
Minimum turning radius 2,8 m (110in)
Ground clearance 10 cm (4in)
Range (48V 63Ah)65 km (40 mi)
(*asphalt surface, driver weight 88 kg)
Seating capacity 1 occupant
Front brake (hydraulic) Disc on each side Rear brake (hydraulic)
Mechanical drum brake on each side, self-adjusted.
Parking brake Electric (switch controlled)
Differential Forward/Reverse 12,3:1
Motor 1500 W, 3500 rpm
Tire size 16 x 7,50 - 8
Tire type Turf
Rim size 8 x 5,5
Rim type Aluminum
Tire pressure 1,1 bar (16 psi)
Suspension Front Double A-arm suspension Rear Pivot axle (Patent pending)
Frame Powder coated steel
Body Plastic Thermoformed ABS
Lights Front light Led, 12V Rear Light Led, 12V
Motor controllerASI USB outlet 2 x 5V 3.1A


As a golf buggy owner, specialist insurance is an important consideration. Many golf clubs will insist you have personal liability cover in force whilst using your golf buggy on the course whilst playing or practising golf.

Golfplan International Golf Insurance is available for this buggy.
Click here for more information.

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