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DrVetion At20 Eletric Fat Bike
DrVetion At20 Eletric Fat Bike - view 1DrVetion At20 Eletric Fat Bike - view 2DrVetion At20 Eletric Fat Bike - view 3DrVetion At20 Eletric Fat Bike - view 4DrVetion At20 Eletric Fat Bike - view 5DrVetion At20 Eletric Fat Bike - view 6DrVetion At20 Eletric Fat Bike - view 7DrVetion At20 Eletric Fat Bike - view 8
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DrVetion At20 Eletric Fat Bike

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  • Super High performance
  • Samsung 21700 Battery
  • 750w Motor
  • Delivery Method: DPD Carrier

Folding design. A superb bike!


Introducing the DRVETION AT20 Electric Bicycle Fat Bikes, a high-performance and versatile mode of transportation that will make your commutes and leisure rides more enjoyable and efficient than ever before. Made with a sturdy aluminum alloy frame, this e-bike is built to last and withstand the rigors of daily use.


Samsung 21700 Battery - Detachable Samsung lithium battery pack, brand cells, quality assurance. It can be charged more than 3000 times, normally 1000 times. The battery pack is equipped with a power lock function, turn off, and the battery pack will stop any power supply. Riders can charge the battery directly, or remove it to charge and place it back in the frame.

Oversized comfort seat
- Oversized Comfort seat with shock absorbing elastomer. This is a lightweight foam seat made of high-quality waterproof artificial leather and filled with decompression function, bringing you a very comfortable experience. The ED tower spring of the saddle base eliminates road or surface vibration that is usually directly transmitted to the spine, helping you to drive more smoothly and comfortably on off-road or flat roads.

Multi-functional colour LCD display - Our backlit LCD display can display data and parameters in real-time, and the data displayed above can be seen at any time.

Three riding modes - The electric assist mode allows you to travel 70-100 kilometres, while the electric mode allows you to travel 40-60 kilometres. If the bicycle runs out of power, you can switch to manual mode. Ideally, you can combine these three modes, allowing you to fully enjoy the excitement, speed, and relaxation during riding.

Power control lock - When the power lock is turned on during use, the wheels will be powered on and used normally. The advantage of this is to prevent the wheels from not used for a long time and the battery from being over-discharged. When you lock the power, only bike functions are available.

Shimano 7 speed transmission - The 7-speed Shimano system is the standard transmission mechanism mentioned by many riders. Riders can adjust the bike's gear according to personal preference to adapt to different road conditions, such as tilt, bumps, or other difficulties. The 7-speed Shimano bike can travel on different terrains. The lower gears make it easier to pedal, and the higher gears make it easier to move downhill.

Turn Tail Lights - The headlights are on and the tail lights are always on. Turn on the left steering and right steering through the switch. Press the brake handle, a red warning will be displayed

Super bright headlights - Super big headlights, jazz-style headlight style

750W powerful motor - 48V 750W Brushless Motor has high performance, low noise, and low consumption. Its maximum peak value is 850-900W. It is perfectly combined with the controller to reduce friction and make the electric bicycle run more smoothly and keep working more efficiently. Allow you to enjoy smoother and more efficient travel during riding, becoming your indispensable partner

20 x 4.0 Tyres - It is 20inch x 4.0 Puncture-resistant Wide Tire. For bigger tire will help you travel more comfortably & Stable when riding on beaches, snow, uneven order.

High strength pedals and cranks - We use prowheel cranks and wellgo pedals, all aluminium alloy forged material, super hardness, can bear 200KG.

Lockable extended suspension fork - The high-strength shock absorber front fork allows you to be more relaxed and comfortable when riding, and no longer afraid of bumps. The lock switch can be manually locked or opened depending on riding conditions. The separate fork-shaped bridge design makes the outer tube of the front fork stronger and effectively prevents dust pollution during riding.
Folding design Ebike - This 20-inch electric bicycle can be folded out from the beam simply. They are Portable and practical. So you can easily and conveniently carry them on trains, private cars, RV, and boats. The perfect combination of folding and off-road can go anywhere

Technical Specifications:

• Frame Material: Aluminium Alloy
• Speed instrument: Colour large screen LCD
• Colour : Black grey
• Battery : 10AH/15AH/20AH Samsung 21700 50E
• Battery Voltage : 48V ( 54V )
• Charger voltage: 100-240V 2A
• European standard head plug
• Motor Wattage : 750 W
• Gears : SHIMANO seven gears
• Tyre: CST 20*4.0
• Brake : disc brake
• Gradeability: 30*
• Max speed : 45 km/h
• mileage of pure electric : 35-45KM/55-70km/60-90km
• mileage of assistance : 50-80KM/90-120km/100-130km
• Net weight of the ebike : 25.5KG
• Weight of battery : 10AH 3.5kg/15AH 4.4kg/20AH 5.2kg
• Gross weight : 29KG/30KG/31KG
• Package size : 95×44×79cm
• Packing mode: folding wheel

Note: This item will arrive in two cartons


The Guarantee is for a period of 12 months. It becomes effective on the first day of purchase, and is available to the first purchaser or user. All manufactures limitations must be adhered to at all times.

If telephone advice fails, Damaged component or complete bike must be returned to base (Ideas Solutions (Retail) Ltd), so that an examination can take place. All returns must be accompanied by a "Returns Note". Components must be returned to base prior to a replacement being sent.

Standard cover is a return to base guarantee. If any parts should become defective during normal use, will at the Company's Sole discretion be repaired or replaced free of charge. Transportation charges on parts submitted for repair or replacement must be borne by the purchaser. The end user will be responsible to remove defective part, and refit replacement part. Minimum transportation costs £2.50.

a. The guarantee does not cover defects arising from wear and tear, accidental damage, misuse or neglect, tampering by unqualified persons. Also abnormal wear and tear caused by hire or commercial usage are excluded from this guarantee.
b. All liability in respect of any third party and consequential loss or damage, however arising, is expressly excluded.
c. This guarantee will be invalid if any alteration, modification or substitution of any parts other than specified is made or if the equipment is connected to an electric supply other than which it is rated or adjusted.
d. No responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage to equipment during transit to or return from the Company's service department
e. This Guarantee is not transferable and applies only in the United Kingdom.
f. We reserve the right to ask for Proof of failure by means of report from authorized dealer if batteries are not returned for inspection.


Note* The warranty covers UK mailnland only.