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Stand and Go Lithium Golf Buggy
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Stand and Go Lithium Golf Buggy

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  • 2 x 1000w Hub motors
  • 48v Lithium battery
  • A superb machine
  • Delivery Method: Pallet Network

Powered by a cartridge 48v Lithium battery


Powerhouse Golf are the exclusive UK distributer for the "Stand and Go" Golf buggy

The "Stand and Go" Golf buggy gives the user the flexibility on the golf course. The buggies unique design allows the user to hop on the back off the buggy with ease.

The simplistic frame and design hides what can only be described as cutting edge technology. The Unit uses 2 x 1000w hub motors powering the back wheels. Hub motors do not use gears and gearboxes in the traditional manor. This gives incredible power output for very small power input and near silent operation.

From the initial look at the unit, you could be forgiven for thinking the buggy has no batteries or motors.
The motors are built into the rear wheel hub and are not visible, as is the Lithium battery which forms an integral part of the steering column.

The buggy is built on a rigid frame with the steering column being able to collapse for loading etc. It simply clicks into position for use. The battery can remain on the buggy at all times, or can be removed if charging needs to be done at another location.

Steering is achieved by rider leaning the front column to the desired direction left and right. There is an automatic brake built in to the buggy and an additional electric brake lever for more emergency stopping.
Reverse is achieved by a rocker switch on the handle bar.

The standard battery is 48v 10Ah and is capable of transporting over 15-20 miles on a road or solid surface and 9+ holes on a golf course depending on terrain and user weight.
Upgraded battery option is available to allow the user to comfortably play 18+ holes.

As the battery is Lithium it takes a fraction of a time to charge compared to lead acid batteries, whilst achieving massive power output and longevity
The golf bag is sighted on the front of the steering column, helping the balance and prevents front lifting up steep hills, held in place with canvas straps.

The small compact dashboard uses RF data, meaning there is no conventional key switch to turn the buggy on and off. Instead the unit is supplied with two RF Key fobs. By placing them near to the dash the unit will spring into life.
This buggy has everything, and uses the very latest technology throughout. It new concept and design is perfect for the golfer looking for additional freedom around the fairways.


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