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Ellwee X Golf Lithium Powered golf buggy
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Ellwee X Golf Lithium Powered golf buggy

In stock
  • Built in Sweden
  • Achieve near 30% faster rounds
  • A superb machine
  • Delivery Method: Oversized Pallet Network

Powered by a 48v 100Ah Lithium battery


Powerhouse Golf are the exclusive UK distributer for the ELLWEE Golf buggy

Following the electric vehicle tradition in the heartland of Swedish automotive industry Trollhattan, top-class engineers with experience from Volvo and Saab developed a truly unique vehicle. Ellwee features Scandinavian Design crafted by the award-winning Eduard Gray Studio. Ellwee Golf Cart deploys a reliable and tested technology for a fun and safe golf experience.

This single-rider electric golf cart sports a sleek design of an ATV; however, unlike a traditional ATV, it is engineered specifically to limit turf damage to the golf course. Ellwee's patent-pending rear axle features individual suspension and an ingenious anti-spin system that causes little wear and tear on surfaces, such as grass. Ellwee Electric Golf Cart also utilizes larger, lighter wheels and requires nearly half the air pressure of a traditional golf cart.

Its low-weight construction means you get a stable and easily operated vehicle with a sealed transaxle to prevent grit and dirt from entering.

With the use of a single Lithium battery, Ellwee is also 100% electric powered and can be plugged into any wall-socket for simple, convenient charging.

Ellwee has a manufacturing process that is based 100% on modular assembly. This ensures lean production, speedy delivery, and on-demand customer-based solutions. In fact, Ellwee is so advanced, that it is more similar to a car than your traditional golf cart.

A single-seated Ellwee is the first affordable electric multi-purpose vehicle specifically designed for golf courses.

You can choose colors and accessories that suit your individual needs. Ellwee comes with 1 front-mounted golf bag holder.

Speed up your round: Let us ask you this, have you ever decided to skip a round because it simply takes too long? We all dislike slow play, and J Niclaus was right to say Golf needs to speed up.

Ellwee brings the game back up to speed and helps us achieve what makes us better players, more play.

It's fun, social and easy to drive. Ellwee's testing has shown an average of 25% faster rounds while using two Ellwee's compared to your ordinary two-seater golf cart. For some of us golf is a sport and time is extremely important.

Nothing makes us better players than having more play

Protect the course: Through dedication and hard work, Ellwee outclasses its competition. At only 3.2 PSI, Ellwee is the best in class and nearly half of your average golf cart at 5.7 PSI. Ellwee achieves this through larger wheels, less weight and a patent-pending anti-spin suspension system.

Versatile, agile and fun to drive: From the inside out, Ellwee has re-imagined what scooters and utility vehicles should look and feel like. This amazing golf vehicle has been developed to hold anything you desire through modular components such as coolers, green-keeper utility box, and storage attachments.


Dry weight (with battery) - 160kg (350lb)
Total weight (Dry weight + Max load) 320kg (705lb)
Max load front multi holder 30kg (66lb)
Max load rear multi holder 30kg (66lb)
Lithium Battery 48V 63Ah or 48V 100Ah
Recharge 15A/h
Factory speed setting 20 km/h (12mph)
Optional maximum speed 25 km/h (15mph)
Minimum turning radius 2,8 m (110in)
Ground clearance 10 cm (4in)
Range (48V 63Ah)65 km (40 mi)
(*asphalt surface, driver weight 88 kg)
Seating capacity 1 occupant
Front brake (hydraulic) Disc on each side Rear brake (hydraulic)
Mechanical drum brake on each side, self-adjusted.
Parking brake Electric (switch controlled)
Differential Forward/Reverse 12,3:1
Motor 1500 W, 3500 rpm
Tire size 16 x 7,50 - 8
Tire type Turf
Rim size 8 x 5,5
Rim type Aluminum
Tire pressure 1,1 bar (16 psi)
Suspension Front Double A-arm suspension Rear Pivot axle (Patent pending)
Frame Powder coated steel
Body Plastic Thermoformed ABS
Lights Front light Led, 12V Rear Light Led, 12V
Motor controllerASI USB outlet 2 x 5V 3.1A


As a golf buggy owner, specialist insurance is an important consideration. Many golf clubs will insist you have personal liability cover in force whilst using your golf buggy on the course whilst playing or practising golf.

Golfplan International Golf Insurance is available for this buggy.
Click here for more information.

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